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What do we do in our quest in fighting codvid-19

What to do during a world-wide virus pandemic:

Drink tons of hot liquids. Avoid cold foods and liquids. Gargle warm water, and a full spoon of sea salt as often as you can; especially if you’ve been exposed or have been outside around others. Gargle for a minimum of 60 seconds, drink some if you wish. Please, avoid going to a hospital. Boil water, raw ginger, red onion, and key lime on medium heat. Stand over pot and inhale. Think of this as a steam inhaler or a flower. You can also do this with an addition of bitter orange, such as Seville or Marmalade orange. Keep your bodies warm, conspicuously when going outdoors. Nonetheless, please get some fresh air. Go out to the backyard or your porch. Make sure you get some Vitamin D from Mother Nature’s sunlight. Eat lots of seeded fruits and vegetables. Lots of water and herbs. Seamoss is great with any meal, even a smoothie or two. Avoid unnatural sugars, processed foods, dairy foods, and meats. Don’t forget to wash your hands every 30 minutes.
















Chaga Mushroom contains a wide variety of minerals and nutrients. Slows the aging process, lowers cholesterol, prevents and kills cancers. Lowers blood pressure, supports the immune system, fights inflammation, and lowers blood sugar. Mental energy, physical energy, and weight loss. Chaga grows in cold climates such as Siberia, Northern Europe, Russia, Northern Canada, and Alaska. It is considered to be a superfood.

Bonus: Chaga can used as a substitute or coffee.


The Healing of music

We have the ability to engage with music. Whether we sing, play an instrument, hum it, write it, and so forth. Even if you only listen to instrumentals. We are connecting to our emotions, feelings, and moods. Hence, Tika Pink sings and writes music. She uses music to communicate and express herself in a unique way. So can you. Music releases dopamine; which is known as the feel-good neurotransmitter. Music has the power to make you sane. Along with the necessities, music can also treat mental illness. Evoke memories, improve physical coordination, relieve stress and depression. Improves quality of life, especially those with dementia. Music has its charms.

Bonus: Music can enlighten your belief system.


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