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Shantika, professionally known as Tika Pink is a health advocate, entrepreneur, and mentor.
Tika Pink is a self educated woman. Being raised by her grandparents, gave her a different outlook on life. Her curiosity for fresh foods, herbs, and plants allowed her to explore nature’s gifts.
Inspired by the health issues of today’s society, she decided to make a change that can help many around the world. Tika shares how she developed a love for health and wellness in her digital autobiography Tika Pink. Also, Tika expresses the problems revolving around  relationships, mental health, and emotional discord within many relationships. Throughout her journey she endured a great deal of pain which comes out in her music. As a part of healing, Tika expresses herself through soulful ballads that can be penetrated through any genre of music. All these underlying elements that have developed character for Tika have played a major role in business and being able to understand, relate, translate all of those elements in business and teach others a duplicatable system to ensure their success in business as well.

Melodical expressions By Tika